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Between 1983 and 1988 Barend Schipper collaborated with violinist George Ermolenko who was the concert master of the Orchestra of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and leader of the Australian String Quartet. Ermolenko played many different violin concertos which were recorded on records and videos.


Ermolenko on Schipper’s music:


‘Barend Schipper has talent, temperament and a virtuoso composition technique ”.


Later on Ermolenko and Schipper collaborated which resulted in the recording in the Groningen concert hall of Schipper’s ‘Cappricio for violin solo’.


Schipper collaborated since 1994 with artists as described below:


The freelance dancer, actor and choreographer dancer Jaap Flier is the co-founder, former dancer, choreographer and artistic leader of the Netherlands Dance Theatre. He was also artistic leader of the Australian Dance Theatre and study leader on the Amsterdam School for New Dance Developments. He wrote on Schippers music:


“In Schipper’s music sounds a deep connection with our past and surrounding cultures.

His compositor and pianist talents create a new romantic and intercultural world of both personal and classical beauty”.


With Flier Schipper mutually inspired each other for years on the subject of the dancer Nijinski and the author Kafka. The cooperation resulted in the production of a CD with dance music called ‘Dances of a Faun’, a second CD called Nijinski, and a third called Visions du Palais Barbare and a fourth called ‘Kafka Suite’.



In 1996 Schipper was invited on a dance conference in Larette in south of France. Here he worked with the dancers and choreographers Sara Rudner and Russell Dumas.


Sara Rudner is a Bessie award winner (the ‘Oscar award’ for dance), was first soloist with the ‘New York City Ballet’, worked often with Philip Glass, and was first soloist with Merce Cunningham. She was also choreographer of dancer Michael Barushnikov, choreographer of Messiaens opera “Francis of Assisi” at the ‘Salzburger Festspiele’ and at present besides dancer and choreographer also director of dance of the ‘Sarah Lawrence College’ university in New York.


Russell Dumas was the first-soloist with the ‘New York City Ballet’, with Merce Cunningham, ‘the Royal Ballet London’, the ‘National Ballet’ of the Netherlands and the ‘Royal Ballet’ of Sweden. He was usually mentioned with Barishnikov and Nureyev as the great three dancers. He is now a choreographer with his own dance company ‘Dance Exchange’.


Sara Rudner said after hearing Schipper’s music: “Barend is a poet in music!”                                                                     [page down]
Russell Dumas concluded:
“This music is really original and personal. It is a new form of Romantic and classical music”.


Conductor Frans Brüggen of the Orchestra of the 18th Century, living in the Netherlands and Italy, is interested in “a rebirth of Romantic and Classical music” of Schipper and wrote about his music:


“Dear Barend Schipper, only now I had the opportunity to listen to your beautiful CD (Nijinski), outside, in the sun:

Exquisite, descriptive music, which fitted to the [Sardinian] landscape, and well played too. Heartfelt thanks!”

Frans Brüggen.




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