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Chronological C.V. of Barend Schipper                                                                                              [about Schipper]

The formative years: 1979-1982
1979-1983                Piano study with five conservatory piano teachers
                Vocal study with H.Verkley
                          Preparatory composition study
                          Completed study of composition and orchestration with W.F. Bon

Post graduate studies: 1982-1986
1982-1983                Study of orchestra conducting with W.F. Bon †1983
1983-1988                Collaboration with concert violinist George Ermolenko
1983-1984                Study of orchestra conducting with S. Deaky
1983                           Performance of Schipper’s orchestra work Suite Polynésienne
1983-1984                Several master classes composition
1983-1985                Several master classes orchestra conducting
1983-1998                Development of ‘a Rebirth of Romantic and classical music’ and the Classical Direct Creation Technique
1983-1987                Piano study with M. Stroo
Musical coaching by Schipper to the concert pianist and composer of Classical Antillean music Wim Statius

Muller in Brussels, a cum laude graduate of Joseph Raieff, Julliard Academy, New York, for his concerts in Cristofori Concert Hall, Amsterdam

1984-1985                Post graduate apprenticeship of composition with J. Fontyn in Brussels
1985                           Post graduate apprenticeship with
E. Rautavaara in Helsinki
1985                           Schipper is
main composition teacher on Turku Conservatory, Finland
1985                           Schipper is
guest lecturer on ‘a Rebirth of classical music’, at the university Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland


‘a Rebirth of Romantic and classical music’ and the ‘Classical Direct Creation Technique’ gets shape: 1986-1994
1986-1992                Six years of composition analytical study of the music of W.A. Mozart and a possible frame of the

classical direct creation technique
1988-1990                Studies in
modal composition in 16th, 17th and 18th century counterpoint in Bologna and in modal and

pentatonic composition in Budapest
Guest lecturer at different universities and academies on ‘a Rebirth’
1986-1993                Held over 200
lectures, wrote 45 articles and made 4 radio programs in four different countries on classical music
1986-1994                Composed thirty works, from chamber music to music for orchestra as a preparation for ‘a Rebirth’


The production of ‘a Rebirth’: 1994-2004
1994-1998                Composition, performance and production of 4 CDs of ‘a Rebirth’
1994-2003               Projects with Canadian
poet James Strecker
1994-2003               Projects with first Dutch knighted
dancer Jaap Flier
1995                           World top
dance conference in Larette with amongst others Sara Rudner, Russell Dumas,Willy de la Bije, Jaap Flier
Premiere of ‘a rebirth of Romantic and classical music’ and the ‘Classical Direct Creation Technique’ at a concert

                                   in Menaggio, Italy
1998-2003               Composition, performance and recording of
12 more CDs of ‘a Rebirth’
Article on ‘a Rebirth’ with inter disciplinary thinker, the scientist Dr. J. Wassenaar
1999-2002               Concerts with seven evening filling repertories of ‘a rebirth’ piano music
2000-2002              Preparation of the project
‘City Design and Music’ with Martin van Wijck
2003                          Production of ‘unica’ with the Direct Creation Technique: CDs of which only one copy exists.

2003                          Production of CDs of ‘Poetry and Music’, with poetry and prose of poet Arthur Rimbaud, painter Paul Gauguin and

poet James Strecker
2003                          Production of new CDs with piano music:
3 new CDs recorded until August this year, one CD produced:

‘Illumination de Venise’, with piano music and vocalised poetry.
2004                          Production of a
CD for Menaggio, a cultural resort of Milano at Lake Como, Italy.
2004                          Recording and production of the
film: “Barend Schipper: Villa Concert”


Coming out with ‘a Rebirth’: 2005-2006
2005                          Premiere of the film in movie theatre Images in Groningen, the Netherlands
2005                          Formation of Trio Bernardo (Latin American music)

2005- present          composing and performing music for Trio Bernardo

2005                          production of DVD with Trio Bernardo

2005- present          cooperation with flutist Jan Prins: production of Asian music (Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Balinese)



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