[Schipper’s resumé]

Composer, concert pianist, vocalist and actor Barend Schipper

In Schipper’s family four generations were active on the field of music and theatre, three on the field of philosophy. Soon became clear that also Barend loved to create: already as a young child music, singing, dancing, acting, writing and sports were his favorite activities.

He studied composition, orchestration, conducting, piano and singing with, among others, the leading composers Rautavaara and Fontyn in four main cities of Europe.

Schipper worked with international dancers, -choreographers, architects and poets.

Schipper’s incentive is to communicate and share experiences of beauty with his audience. He uses the craftmanship of classical music as a basis for his art.

Next to New Classical and Romantic music he creates World Music, Latin American music e.g. with his Trio Bernardo, North American Swing, and Asian music e.g. with flutist Jan Prins. 

Schipper integrates many musical styles and other disciplines of the arts into a new unity, resulting in dynamic and rich performances, full of life.

For more information:
Tel/ fax: + 31- 50 5417695