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World Music

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Tango Tanzon

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Curacao Waltz

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Rumba Wawanco

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Afro Cuban Bembe

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Barend Schipper Solo & Trio Bernardo:


Trio Bernardo - Latin American Music


Barend ‘Bernardo’ Schipper, pianist, vocalist and composer

worked as piano soloist and composer with the radio jazz symphony Metropole Orchestra at age 21,

studied jazz with the New York pianist Bela Lakatos in Hungary, and also classical music.

His mother, born in Curacao, the Dutch Caribbean, received her piano lessons

from the national composer Sjon ‘Coco’ Palm, a friend of Arthur Rubinstein.

So, from early childhood on, Barend heard the joyous piano and dance music of the Caribbean.

He composes the music for the trio. He studied composition in Brussels, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Budapest.


Bert van Erk, double bass player, played in Senegal African music with Souleymane Faye,

Africando and Ngaari Laaw. In Utrecht and Amsterdam he played jazz with

Slide Hampton, Boy Edgar Big Band, Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin, Stan Tracey.

He performed for queen Beatrix of the Netherlands on more than one occasion.


Choco Ramirez, Latin American percussionist studied percussion at the university of music in Costa Rica,

with famous percussionists of his country and Cuba.

He played for years in the black calypso scene of Costa  Rica and played with Roy Cooder’s Buena Vista Social Club

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