A Rebirth of Classical and Romantic Music




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Grandes Danses Brillantes (complete)

03:27 min. / 4,74 BM/ MP3


Reveries (complete)

01:22 min. / 1,88 MB/ MP3


Pulcinella, Drunk (complete)

02:40 min. / 3,68 MB/ MP3




In Barend Schipper’s music sounds a deep

connection with the Western and non Western

classical past. Schipper’s compositoric and

pianistical gifts create a new world of classical beauty.


Jaap Flier, Amsterdam,

dancer, nestor of the Nederlands Dans Theater


Barend Schipper’s music manifests a world

of refined balance, energy and organical

coherence. Its vigourous lyricism is both

assertive and ethereal, its themes playful and poignant, and always physically compelling.

This refreshing music echoes the past and

mirrors the future.


James Strecker, Hamilton, Canada

Poet, author, recipient of the Hamilton Arts Award


Palazzo Bernardo


Look here, this is true: the building

stands. But how far down is it real

into waters that drink away its

foundation, how deeply real

into the world beneath this forboding elegance.


Where music takes us, we shall

be what we are, we shall be

 the undenying sun that abandons

this night in our faces. Where music

abandons, we shall sing once more,

and gaze upon these arches

made of craft and still unknown.


from a poem by James Strecker

inspired by Barend Schipper’s music

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