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Canal Grande and Palazzo Bernardo

New Classical Piano Music

composed and performed by Barend Schipper



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Canale Grande (fragment)

02:29 min. / 3,43 MB/ MP3


Palazzo Bernardo


02:06 min. / 2,89 MB/ MP3


The pianoworks ‘Canale Grande’ and Palazzo Bernardo were composed and performed in September 1994, half a year after Schipper’s stay in Venice.


The influence of Byzantine music, the movement of water beside a suggestion of three dimensionality are characteristic of these pianoworks.


The works were recorded live, on a Yamaha 235 cm Grand Piano in the Marnix Concert hall, Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Recording: Paul van Straaten

Cover design: Peter Deutekom

Cover: Palazzo Bernardo in Venezia


© 1994, production 1997 Barend Schipper