Contes Anciennes, Contes des Rêves, Contes Barbares


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Arabesques Baroques (fragment)                                                                                                    [to discography]

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                [about Contes des Rêves, ...]

Three landscapes (fragment)

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Scènes d’Andalucia (fragment)

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Contes Anciennes, Contes des Rêves, Contes Barbares was recorded live –applause ommitted-

in the Concert hall of the Lutherian Church in Groningen, during a concert on May 19th 2000.

Instrument: Yamaha grand, handmade

Recorded by: ASN Studios


Front: The white horse, 1898 by Paul Gauguin

Back: Contes Barbares, 1902, by Paul Gauguin





Contes Anciennes, Contes des Rêves, Contes Barbares (2 CD)

piano music composed and performed by Barend Wolter Schipper.


CD 1: Contes Anciennes


1: Ballade et Romance                                                                                                                           07:15 min.


2: Pallazo Palladio                                                                                                                                  05:15 min.

     In this work we meet the proportions, the three-dimensionality and the incidence of light

     of the palaces of the architect Palladio.


3: Arabesques Baroques                                                                                                                        06:26 min.

    Based on many-voiced music and grace ornaments of the Baroque.


4: Poem                                                                                                                                                        07:19 min.

     Already Scriabin, among others, composed poems set to music.


5: Sonatine in three parts                                                                                                                    15:35 min.

     The sonatine has developed from Scarlatti to Beethoven into a genre of its own.

     Emotion and shape find a balance.


6: Pièces Lyriques et Dansantes                                                                                                        03:05 min.

     Chopin and Liszt developed a musical language in which the ‘singing piano’

     and swirling movements were combined.

     Barend Schipper further develops this genre.


7: Hungarian Dances                                                                                                                              04:12 min.

    Hungarian dances are refreshing and challenging.

    The folk melodies are alternating melancholic and full of temperament.


Total time: 49:25 min.                                                                                                                          [about Contes des Rêves, ...]


CD 2: Contes des Rêves, Contes Barbares


1: Ballet Russe no. 4                                                                                                                                10:16 min.


2: Three landscapes, a musical journey.                                                                                             06:39 min.


3: Conte Ancienne, Conte de Rêve, Conte Barbare                                                                    06:51 min.

     Three musical tales: one from antiquity, one from the dreamworld

     and one barbaric tale.


4: Chansons Oriéntales, Chansons Africains, Chansons Balkans                                       07:26 min.


5: Ballet d’Arlequino, Ballet de Pulcinella, Ballet de Petrushka                                        08:06 min.

     During the Venetian Carnival the Arlequinos and the Pulcinellas are

     traditional clowns who poke fun at themselves and the carnival audience.

     Petruska is a tragic clowndoll. The doll comes passionately to life and

     dies again because of it.


6: Scènes d’Andalucia, Spanish gypsy scenes.                                                                                  05:51 min.


7: Danses de Nijinski no. 5                                                                                                                   10:36 min.

    Barend Schipper experiences a deep fascination for choreographer and dancer

    Nijinski, who remained classical while renewing dance.

    Nijinski was described as a dancing animal.


8: Bagatelle no. 3, first encore.                                                                                                              02:13 min.


9: Bagatelle no. 4, second encore.                                                                                                          02:22 min.


Total time: 60:43 min                                                                                                                           [page up]

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