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Prelude Palladio (fragment)

03:24 min. / 4,68 MB/ MP3


Sonate Dansante (fragment)

02:53 min. / 3,98 MB/ MP3


Choreographie: Solo de Nijinski (fragment)

02:28 min. / 3,40 MB/ MP3



Danses de Nijinski:

With this CD I tried to bring the open crossroad that Nijinski created, to life again in our time. The last piece, Solo de Nijinski, portrays this human personality of the arts in his dance, in his silence of thoughts, which eventually resulted in total silence.


Vaclav Nijinski (1898 – 1950) has been a fascinating artist, as a choreographer, dancer and also as a person. He was described as a ‘dancing animal’. He worked almost completely without talking on the philosophy of his art, unlike Picasso or Strawinsky with whom he was often compared. Nijinski coincided as a person with his art, in silence of thoughts:


Personal and artistic thoughts were absorbed in the autocratic act of creation. The talking disappeared. It became forgetting in order to create. The act of the non-consciousness. This offers an insight in the fascinating paradox of Nijinski: choreographing and dancing, simultaneously on an intimate and on a monumental scale.


Nijnski built a crossroad of a highly personal and artistic character in a changing period. He created an open crossroad. An artistic paradox far removed from the theories of periods, open to all times. The crossroad is one of serene autocracy of creation: of continuous and fluid contact with emotion in the action of the creation.

Non verbal and fully intuitive. Here, creation becomes an act of integrity. Of unity in mind and body, of a continuous flow of emotion. We meet here one of the rare occasions where individual intimacy is paired to powerful emotional communication.


Here we stumble upon one of the principles of archaic classical art:


Emotion is evoked through resonance with a creation expressing the unity in mind and body. A creation which expresses serene savageness: in the sense of the natural, complete human being. Consistent, not through system but through its  very nature. Throught its ‘intelligent body’.


It is interesting that Nijinski wrote in his diary, his last words to the outside world – before he collapsed for ever into his inner world of schizophrenia- that human creation, human being can be natural. Can be as nature itself ... can be as... God.

In the context of the above mentioned it sheds light upon extraordinary experiences of this gifted personality of the arts.

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