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Russian Capriccio for Violin Solo (complete)

03:09 min. /4,33 MB/ MP3


Danse Français for Piano Solo (fragment)

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‘Traveller’ Three works by Barend Schipper

1: ‘Suite Polynésienne, Tableau Vivant pour Grande Orchestre’ 15:15 min.

      part 1: ‘la Rencontre’: Depiction of the nature and population

      part 2: ‘L’Integration’: Vision of entering Polynesian myths.


Suite for extended symphony orchestra, choir and soprano.

Composed in 1982, performed in 1983 by the North Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra with the addition of: the North Netherlands Saxophone Quintet, a flute quartet, a trompet quartet, a trombone quartet, a percussion quartet (next to the usual battery of percussion also marimba, xylorimba and xylophone) two guitars, ukelele and harp.

Soprano: Laura Tammeling, choir: GECO –choir

Conductor: Lucas Vis with the assistance of Barend Schipper who trained the choir in traditional rhythm and chant.

Recorded live in the Oosterpoort Concert hall in Groningen, the Netherlands.

© 1982, Barend Schipper


2: ‘Russian Capriccio for Violin Solo to George Ermolenko’ 3:15 min.


Composed in April 1984 for the Russian concert violinist and former concertmaster of the Sydney Opera, George Ermolenko who recorded the work live, a few days after it was finished, in the Oosterpoort Concert hall in Groningen, the Netherlands

© 1984 Barend Schipper


3: ‘Danse Français for Piano Solo’  7:55 min.


composed and performed by Barend Schipper in February 1995. Recorded live on a Yamaha 245 grand piano in the Marnix Concerthall in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

© 1995 Barend Schipper


The compilation of the CD ‘Traveller’ was produced by MIF, in 2000.                                                                               [page up]

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