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The architecture of Venezia knows a suggestive time-continuum.

As if the style forms a flowing, streaming, Canale through different centuries.

Façade de Palazzo gives shape to this in a musical way. In contact with music of the early and late 19th century, it opens that period to our own, more physical and motorial time. This results in a slow motion experiencing of time and a warm motorial strength.


The interior of some of Venezia’s enormous Renaissance Palazzi is designed in specific harmonical proportions in which the rich wall paintings and the incidence of light play their role. Intérieur de Palazzo  gives the three-dimensionality and the rich colouring a meaning of their own in time and music.


Carnaval d’Arlequin: The Venetian Carnival takes place in February, when it is humid in Venice; hazy and misty which gives the whole a characteristic atmosphere. A mixture of melancholy and cheerfulness. Of a mysterious, warm glow and darkness. A swirl of feast and silence in beauty, which enchants the participants. In this setting a dance of Arlequino, through the alleys and piazzas of nocturnal Venezia.


Venezia (compilation CD)

Piano music composed and performed by Barend Wolter Schipper.


1: Façade de Palazzo                                                    6:54 min.

2: Intérieur de Palazzo                                               7:03 min.

3: Carnaval d’Arlequin                                                9:58 min.


Total time: 24:05 min.


Venezia is a compilation of three works from different concerts. All concerts were recorded live.


Façade de Palazzo was recorded in the Grand Piano hall of Albert Hahn in September 1999 by AE audio productions.

Intérieur de Palazzo was recorded in the Lutherian Church in Groningen, in May 2000 by ASN Studios.

Carnaval d’Arlequin was recorded in the Lutherian Church in Groningen, in May 2000 by ASN Studios.

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Cover: front: Piazetta of San Marco towards the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore

with the Base of the Campanile (fragment); by Francesco Guardi

             back: The dancer Vaclav Nijinski in ‘le Carnaval’.