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Movement and Reflection


Les Ballets Russes under direction of Diaghilev performed during the first decades of the last century.

It presented a long stretching development, of dance, dance music and opera.

Dance and choreography from Nijinsky to Balanchine, composing from Rimsky Korsakov to Prokofiev.


Schipper created a language from this inspiring period which resulted in this piece of

intense atmosphere and exuberant dance music.


The Sonata Classica is classical within its romantic context.

The music reminds of a fresco technique: its sense of three dimensions, of colour, of movement and reflection.

Its colourful romantic ‘surface fresco layer’ is embedded in a late classical  symphonic architecture.

The different styles are each further developed and are melted into one language.

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Movement and Reflection


Piano music composed and performed by Barend Wolter Schipper


Ballets Russes:       Part one    (5’38)

                                      Part two   (5’17)


Sonata Classica:    Part one    (6’43)

                                Part two    (2’44)

                                Part three  (7’31)


Total time:                              (28’17)                            


Cover: frescoes of Michelangelo in the Sixteen Chapel in Rome.

             Front: The Libyan Sibyl

             Back: The Prophet Jeremiah


Recording: AE-Studios


“Movement and Reflection”  was recorded live – applause omitted-

in the Grand Piano Hall of the piano firm A. Hahn.

Instrument: Steinway & Sons concert grand piano.


We want to thank family Hahn for their generous support.

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