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Music stimulates the senses and the mind in another way than words or visuals do.


With ‘functional’ music we refer to music where it’s effect is used with a purpose. A few examples to explain:


Brainstorm music: You are in a meeting for a brainstorm session or to think of some creative solutions.

Talking would disturb your concentration, visuals would distract you, because the shapes

are already very concrete and silence tends to make people a bit nervous.


Barend Schipper can produce special music: relaxing and stimulating your creativity.

Reaching the deeper parts of your personality it will evoke new ideas and positive energy in the group.


Soothing music: In some situations Schipper’s music can literally have a healing effect.

It relaxes and expresses the joy of life.

This music will be ideal in for example a waiting room, a hospital, a nursing home or a home for elderly people.


Soulful background music: Music for shopping malls, airports, hotel lobbies, and other public places.

Barend Schipper’s music has the capacity to be present on the background, yet creating a warm, welcome and inviting atmosphere.

Depending on the moment of the day the music can be refreshing, stimulating and exuberant,

or creating a relaxing and reflecting mood. This music will give the, often rather anonymous, public places a ‘soul’.





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