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Barend Schipper creates tailor-made quality music within weeks or even days.

After studying the manuscripts of the masters in composition like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach

he has developed a special Direct Creation Technique.

With this technique Barend Schipper will create unique music that perfectly suits its purpose in depht.


Barend Schipper has a clear ‘signature’ in the music, which he can mold in more than 20 different musical styles,

varying from Classical to world music, Latin American and Rhythm & Blues. 


Mastering this technique, his music creates a whole new range of possibilities, otherwise unobtainable in terms of time and money.


After Barend Schipper has attuned himself to the project, (within two weeks)

it will take him no more than one day to create 4 hours of music!


We also have a professional team to support us, specialized in commercials, filming, audio and film editing,

sound and image animations, webdesign and PR texts.


Please join us on a discovery journey through the business possibilities of Schipper’s music!