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Most companies pay much attention to their corporate house style: the design of the logo, the  internal and external communication and the website.

Also music is very suited to express your corporate identity.

You can think of:


1: the music on your website

2: background music in the office or canteen

3: music during business presentations

4: the music that sounds when clients are

         ‘on hold’ on the telephone

5: or music on your digital business card.


Paying attention to music as part of the corporate identity will create a more round identity, appealing to more senses, and therefore more people.  Music can put emotion to the corporate identity, mission, vision and values, integrating it into a harmonic whole.


Schipper masters a great diversity of musical styles. With the Direct Creation Technique he knows to resonate with the essence of the corporation and to create the music that belongs to it. Because the creation is direct, instant, the project requires little time.