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Barend Schipper has produced 20 different CD’s, and a movie of one of his performances.

This music can be best described as Classical and Renewing.

An original way to promote your company is to produce a CD or DVD

that reflects the quality of your product and the culture of your company.


Having studied with leading composers, Barend Schipper is a guarantee for high quality, professional and personal music:

a unique promotion gift with which you offer your best clients and network a beautiful experience.


Give a Villa Concert DVD as a promotion gift!


After 20 CD’s the first DVD of Barend Schipper has been published. New Classical and Romantic composer, pianist and vocalist Barend Schipper has worked the last twenty years to bring classical beauty back again so that classical music will be a living part of our present time.


This DVD of a villa concert of Barend Schipper as a promotion gift can be printed with cover and booklet adapted to your company and wishes. 


Give a Live Concert to your relations! Composed to match your company.


Especially for industry Barend Schipper composes, performs and presents also ‘special concerts’ for special occasions, such as a jubilee, the opening of a new office, the closing of a year or the kick-off of a new phase or product in the company. The new, original music and the presentation of the performance will be adapted to your company and the occasion. Of this performance a DVD or CD can be produced. Your relations or employees will find themselves back on the DVD, filmed during this concert that is completely attuned to your company. Already from € 500,- Barend Schipper will give a ‘special concert.’



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