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Barend Schipper gives performances, integrating singing and acting with poetry or proze put to music.

Also this performance is done with the Direct Creation Technique. Barend Schipper Ďbecomesí what he sings or vocalises.

These performances are powerful and involving.

Music samples (click on the title to listen)

For optimal expression, please use head phones or connect your PC with your hifi set.


Poetry by James Strecker:

piano solo: Palazzo Bernardo (02:06 min. / 2,89 MB / MP3)


To read Streckerís poem Palazzo Bernardo, click here


piano, vocalising and acting: Canale Grande, Hanging Loose (01:43 min. / 17,2 MB / MP4 video)


To read Streckerís poem Canale Grande, Hanging Loose, click here


Poetry by Arthur Rimbaud:

Piano and singing: Promontoire (02:35 min. / 3,33 MB / MP3 audio


To read Arthur Rimbaudís poem Promontoire, click here


Letters by Paul Gauguin:

piano, vocalising and acting: In Two Latitudes (0:47 min. / 8,03 MB / MP4 video)

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