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Next to being a musician, Barend Schipper is a talented speaker. The core of his talent and incentive is to communicate: in music, theatre or as a speaker. In his career he has given over 200 lectures, on music and on a wide array of other subjects. He knows to formulate the essence of the situation, whether the subject is politics, society, science, business or art.  Within a day of preparation he has an in-depht vision on any theme.


Characteristic for his presentation is that the topic comes to live. It is through lived understanding integrated with compassionate philosophy that he communicates with his audience.  In his presentation philosophy and humour function as a natural whole. In personal and simple language he will shed an original and striking light on the discussed theme.


Barend Schipper can for example function as a host or a guest speaker.

He can also take care of a vivid intermezzo during a conference or special occasion. This intermezzo can be combined with a short musical performance, when desired.