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Music and poetry:

James Strecker, the well known Canadian poet and author of twenty books, recipient of the Hamilton Arts Award, collaborated since 1994 with Barend Schipper. Strecker wrote poems in reaction on Schippers music and philosophy. On these poems Schipper composed music again. This resulted in a CD in which Schipper translated the poetry in music, performing the piano music and vocalizing the poetry simultaneously.


Strecker wrote on Schippers music:


“Barend Schippers music manifests a world of refined balance, energy and organic coherence. Its vigorous lyricism is both assertive and ethereal, its themes playful and poignant, and always physically compelling. This refreshing music echoes the past and mirrors the future”. To listen to examples, click here

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Music and architecture:

Martin van Wijck, city architect, director of programming and development of urban planning in Groningen, the Netherlands, asked Schipper in 2001 to join a pilot project of Architecture and Music: rewriting the city map by means of music: a trans disciplinary project from architecture to music.

Participating are prominent city designers, city architects and planners.


Martin van Wijck about Schippers music:


“Schippers music is so organic and clear cut that, in graphic notation, it could be used as a map to design the flow of routes of a city.”


His cooperation with architect Mijnske Sival, resulted in designing a roundabout, combining architecture, music and poetry.

This project was awarded.


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Music and dance:

Barend Schipper worked with Jaap Flier, co founder, dancer, and artistic leader of the Nederlands Dans Theatre. Flier is fully active as freelance dancer, actor and choreographer with new and renewing projects. He was also artistic leader of the Australian Dance Theatre and study leader on the Amsterdam School for New Dance Developments.


During the last 10 years Flier and Schipper inspired each other mutually in the topic of Nijinski, the most important dancer of Diaghilev,

and the author Kafka.


The cooperation resulted in the production of a CD with dance music called ‘Dances of a Faun’, a second CD called Nijinski, and a third called Visions du Palais Barbare and a fourth called ‘Kafka Suite’.


Jaap Flier wrote on Schippers music:


“In Schipper’s music sounds a deep connection with our past and surrounding cultures.

His compositor and pianist talents create a new romantic and intercultural world of both personal and classical beauty”.

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Music and film:

In 2005 the movie Villa Concert  has been produced by Schipper’s company: Music Inter Face. This movie is shown in the cultural filmhouse ‘Images’ in Groningen, the Netherlands.

This film of Barend Schipper and film maker Arno Cupédo shows a classical “direct creation concert” in a villa by Schipper. The movie is about beauty and authenticity in our time. It is a true music movie: Schipper and Cupédo shared direction and editing. The result is a special cross-over between film and classical music, the images of the concert work as sounds.

The movie though is about much more than music alone: it’s also the lively contact with the audience, the singing that turns unnoticed into acting. Music and cultures from the past and our surrounding countries integrate in Schipper’s music.


Production of CDs of Schippers music: 20 CDs, 2 DVDs and a movie are produced of Schippers music since 1998. They are sold by his company Music Inter Face.



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