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Barend Schipper and Jan Prins create and perform Asian music, combining the sounds of the piano with original flutes from a.o. Thailand and China. The music is created on the spot, and is characterized by its fluent lines and ancient, mysterious atmosphere, typical for Asian art and culture. Barend Schipper has studied the origines of Asian and Eurasian music. Jan Prins learned to play the original flutes and cultural music from the inhabitants on his frequent travels through Asia.


Music samples:

To listen to some music samples, click on the titles below.

For optimal sound, please use head phones or connect your PC with your hifi set.


XChinese Summer Garden

Chinese flute and piano / 03:09 min. / 2,88 MB / MP3


Chinese flute and piano / 1:05 min. / 0,99 MB / MP3



Bass flute and piano / 03:00 min. / 2,74 MB / MP3



Chinese flute and piano / 03:03 min. / 2,79 MB / MP3


XMorning Bird

Chinese flute and piano / 1:06 min. / 1,00 MB / MP3




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