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New Romantic and classical Music and ‘the classical Direct Creation Technique’


Schipper’s creative attitude stands in the century’s long tradition in the arts to develop from styles in the past and present, and from surrounding cultures in order to create a communicating language.

In the 1980’s he took the classical and romantic composers of the past very seriously. He went back as far as the roots of the romantic piano school, from Renaissance composers on to Scarlatti, Bach, Mozart, and Haydn. He studied their craftsmanship, places their language in a continuous line to our present time from where he further creates. An example: Schipper wanted rhythm, not only derived from the metric note system from dance and singing, but also derived from nature movements. These are not linear but circular and not metric but organic.



The Classical Direct Creation Technique
The forming of Schipper’s style also consisted of a thorough investigation of the classical direct composing technique:
With this technique, which requires long training, a composition is created and finished at once in the mind and also performed from the mind, which creates a state of unity in mind and body.
The technique guaranties maximum fluency, natural emotional flow and physicality, as well in composition as in performance. Therefore Schipper took his utmost effort to make this technique his own.


This technique had been common among the classical and Romantic composers we still play today. It was lost in the 20th century and there were no teachers available to teach this technique. Therefore Schipper had to pioneer:

Schipper researched for six years the composing techniques of W.A. Mozart- who used this technique- and discovered a possible frame of the direct composing technique. He worked this out for his own “New Romantic and Classical Music” in another 8 years.

In 1998 it resulted in the premiere of ‘New Romantic and Classical music’ and the direct creation technique in a concert in the 19th century concert hall of ‘Grand Hotel Victoria’ in Menaggio, at Lake Como, which functions as a cultural resort of Milan, Italy.

Since then Schipper creates all his solo music with the Classical Direct Creation Technique, in concerts as well as on CDs.

Music samples:

To listen to some music samples, click on the titles below.  For optimal expression, please use head phones or connect your PC with your hifi set.


XðGrandes Danses Brillantes (complete)

03:27 min. / 4,74 MB / MP3


XðCanale Grande               (fragment)

02:29 min. / 3,43 MB / MP3


XðScènes d’Andalucia        (fragment)

01:16 min. / 1.75 MB / MP3


XðBagatelle no. 3               (complete)

02:15 min. / 3,11 MB / MP3

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