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Barend Schipper was raised in a postmodern, intercultural family which placed a high value on music composition, theatre and philosophy.


His mother is born in Curacao, the Dutch Caribbean, and lived there till the age of 20. She received her piano lessons from the national composer Sjon Jacobo Palm, a friend of Arthur Rubinstein. So, from early childhood on, Barend heard the joyous and melancholic piano and dance music of the Caribbean.


In 1983 he composed the Suite Polynésienne, integrating original Polynesian music with postmodern orchestra and soprano.

He studied composition in Brussels, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Budapest.


During his period in Turku, Finland (1984-1987) and his period in Budapest (1988-1990) he studied the shift from ancient Asian music to ancient European music, which occurred in the Byzantium within Eurasian cultures.


Throughout the years he studied musical styles from various cultures and made these styles his own.


Music fragments:

Some examples are the following (click on the title to listen):

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Polynesian music: Suite Polynésienne (fragment)

02:30 min. / 3,44 MB / MP3


Antillean music: Curacao Waltz (with his Trio Bernardo)

0:47 min. / 3,13 MB / MP4 Video


Latin American music: Rumba Wawanco (with his Trio Bernardo)

2:26 min. / 9,98 MB / MP4 Video


Spanish music/ Andalucian music: Variations de Flamenco (fragment)

01:36 min. / 1,75 MB / MP3


Asian music (Chinese, Japanese, Balinese, etc.): Chinese fragment

01:41 min. / 1,54 MB / MP3


Hungarian music: Kletzmer Ungarica (fragment)

01:27 min. / 1,32 MB / MP3


Russian music: Danse Russe de Nijinski (fragment)

01:29 min. / 1,36 MB / MP3                                                          [page up]


African music:

Piano solo: Chansons africains (fragment)

01:07 min. / 1,02 MB / MP3


piano and vocal: African scatting song

02:28 min. / 2,25 MB / MP3


Afro flamenco

02:17 min. / 2,09 MB / MP3