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Barend Schipper’s musical style can best be described by the term ‘Free Style Classical Music’.                           [music samples]

The music is based on a classical idiom and on the thorough craftmanship of classical composition. Schipper applies this classical background to many different musical styles and ‘cross-overs’ with other artistic disciplines, such as:

§      jazz

§      world music

§      latin american music


but also:

§   poetry

§   singing

§   acting

§   and complete shows.


Schipper creates music that belongs to our present time. This means physicality, rhythm, and the use of organical or ‘chaos’- structures.

Another essential part of his music and of our present time is the intercultural and interdisciplinary dimension.

Different cultures and different disciplines fluently integrate into a new unity: one of the biggest challenges of today’s society.


Using a special technique, the Direct Creation Technique, he guarantees maximum fluency and a highly communicative musical language. The Direct Creation Technique enables Schipper to create music here and now, on the spot. More consistent than improvisation and more fluent than written composition, the direct creation technique can be understood as ‘the third way’ to create music. This technique was known to  many classical and Romantic composers, but was lost in the 20th century.


With his music Schipper wants to create and especially communicate and share experiences of beauty and the full pallet of emotions with his audience.  From intense and savage to serene and tender.

Interaction with the audience is therefore an essential element of Schipper’s performances.


Music samples:

To listen to some musical fragments, click on the titles below:


Dionyssos appears as the dancer Nijinski: Dance of the Child (fragment)

02:54 min. / 3,98 MB/ MP3


Gauguin: (Letters) In Two Latitudes (fragment)

0:47 min. / 8,03 MB/ MPEG Video


Tango Tanzon (with his Trio Bernardo)

02:37 min. / 10,6 MB / MP4 Video



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