Intercultural art music

Barend Schipper -composer, pianist and vocalist- creates, performs and improvises his intercultural art music.  

He integrates Western classical music from the Renaissance to our time with traditional and contemporary music from the different continents. Other sources of his music are the arts, nature movements and nature forms, and dreams




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Barend Schipper is a poet in music.”

— Sara Rudner, New York, dancer and choreographer, recipient of Bessie Award.

Barend Schipper's music manifests a world of refined balance, energy and organic coherence. Its vigorous lyricism is both assertive and etherial, its themes playful and poignant, and always physically compelling. This refreshing music echoes the past and mirrors the future.” - James Strecker, Hamilton, Canada

— Canadian poet, author and journalist on music and the arts, recipient of the Hamilton Arts Award